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Nice to meet you. 与 Nice meeting you. ■有这样一道题,该选哪个为好呢? —How do you do? __________. —How do you do? Welcome to our school. A. Nice to meet you C. Nice to have met you B. Nice meeting you D. Glad meeting you ■此题应选 A。注意以下各问候语的使用。如

1. Nice to meet you. 主要用作初次见面的寒喧语,注意相关(同义)说法。如

Glad to meet you. (=I’m glad to meet you. ) Pleased to meet you. (=I’m pleased to meet you. ) Nice to meet you. (=It’s nice to meet you. ) 其大意相当于汉语的“认识你很高兴”。如

—Hi, I’m Jim. 你好,我叫吉姆。

—Hi, I’m John. Nice to meet you. 你好,我叫约翰,认识你很高兴。

2. Nice meeting you. 主要用于分手的场合,也可说成。如

Nice to have met you. It is [was] nice to have met you. I’m glad to have met you. 其大意为“认识你很高兴”。如

—I must be off now. Nice meeting you. 我要走了,认识你很高兴。

—Nice meeting you too. Bye-bye. 认识你我也很高兴,再见。

3. 严格说来,Nice to meet you 之类的用于见面的场合,而 Nice meeting you. 之类 的用于分手的场合,但在实际使用中,人们有时也在分手时用 Nice to meet you. 可视为 It was nice to meet you 等之省略。 +申请认证


Revision ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ---Hello! ---Hello! /Hi! ---Good morning! ---Good morning! ---Good afternoon! ---Good afternoon! ---Good evening! ---Good evening! ? ---How are you? ? ---Fine, thank you/thanks.And you? ? ---I’m fine, thank you/thanks. ? ---I’m OK. How about you? ? Nice to meet you. ? Nice to meet you,too. What is your name? My name is… How do you do? How do you do? How to greet each other at any time? A

Hi, ____ A

How are you? A

I’m fine too. A

Are you fine today? B

Hi,____ B

I’m fine, thank you. And you? B

I’m ok, thank you. And you? B

How do you do? A

How do you do? How to greet new friends? A

Hello! I’m ____. What is your name? B

Hello! I’m ____. Nice to meet you! A

Nice to meet you too! A

Hello! You are ____, right? B

Yes, I am. / No, I’m not, I am____. A

Nice to meet you! B

Nice to meet you too! 七、按要求写出下列词的相应形式。 1. hi(同义词) _______ 2. no(反义词) _______ hello yes Rr color 3. are(同音字母) _____ 4. color(动词) ________ 5. I am(缩写形式) ______ I’m you 6. u(同音词) _______ 7. my(主格) ________ I 8. to(同音词) ____________ too/ two(二) it is 9. it’s(完整形式) _________ 10. morning(对应词) __________ evening 11. a(同义词) _______ an I 12. Ii (同音词) _______ 13. that’s(完整形式) that is ______________ 14. my name is(缩写形式) my name’s _________________ 15. what is (缩写形式) what’s _________________ 九、补全对话, 请根据上下文将对话补完整。


Good ___________! evening B

Good evening! A

______ are you? How thanks B

I’m _______, ___________. And you? fine A

I’m OK. Nice to meet you. B

______ _____ ______ _____, ________. Nice to meet you too A

Excuse me.__________ thi作文s in English? What’s B

_______ ______ eraser(橡皮檫). It’s an A

______ ______, please? Spell it B

E-R-A-S-E-R. A

_______ _______ is it? What color It’s B

_______ white. _______ a _______ It’s white eraser _______. you A

Thank _________. B

That’s all right. (不用谢/不客气) 十、单项选择 1. Good afternoon, _______! B A. Wangxiaohua B. Wang Xiaohua C. Wang Xiao Hua D. Wang xiaohua 2. ---Good evening! --__________ D A. Good morning ! B. Good afternoon! C. Hi! D. Good evening! D 3. ---__________! ---Good morning! A. Good evening! B. Good afternoon! C. Good night! D. Good morning! 4. ---__________? C ---I’m OK. A. How is you B. How is your C. How are you D. How are your 5. 英语26个字母中, 能够单独成单词的两个 B 字母是 ____? A. I, N B. A, I C. A, L D. A, B 6. 下列哪组字母在顺序上是正确的? C A. achedbfg B. abcdefhg C. abcdefgh D. abcedhfg 7. ---Is that _____ English car? B ---No, it’s ______ Chinese car. A. a / an B. an / a C. a / a D. an / an 8. --- What’s this? ---_______ is ________. B A. This/orange B. It / an orange C. It / a orange D. This / a orange A 9. What’s this _______ Chinese(中文)? A. in B. of C. on D. / B 10. --Nice to meet you. --___________. A. Fine, thank you. B. Me ,too C. Hello D. Yes c 11. --What’s that? --______. A. This is a ruler B. It’s yellow C. It’s “S” 12. I______ fine. Gary _____ fine, too. C A. is, is B. am, am C. am, is 13. –What’s this? --It’s ___ red and white jacket. B A. / B. a C. an 14. ---________ ---OK. C-A-T. B A. How are you? B. Spell it ,please. C. What’s this? 15. –What color is the orange? --It’s ______. A A. orange B. an orange C.OK 十一、找出句中的错误并加以改正 1.( B ) Spell you name, please. __________ your A B C D 2.( A ) What’s is your name ? __________ What A B C D 3.( C ) --What’s this in English? --This is a key._____ It A B C D are 4.( B ) –How is you? --I’m very well. ________ A B C D I am 5.( D ) –Are you Mr Li? --Yes, I’m. ________ A B C D 6.( C ) What color is a jecket? __________ the A B C D 按要求改变下列句型 1. This is a map. (就划线部分提问) What’s this? 2. My bike is black. (就划线部分提问) What color is your bike? 3. I’m fine. (就划线部分提问) How are you? 4. Mike is OK. (就划线部分提问) How is Mike? 5. This is my green ruler. (写同义句) My ruler is green. 一、选择填空 答案 A C C B ( )1. –How are you, Mr. Zhang? –Fine, thank you, And you? -________________. A. I’m fine, too. B. How are you? C. Thank you ( )2. –You are Nick, right? -_________. A. Yes, I’m Jack B.How are you C.I’m Dick ( )3.______is my English teacher. A. Teacher Hu B.Hu miss C. Miss Hu ( )4.-_______________? -I’m Jiang linlin A. How are you B. What’s your name C.Are you Jianglinlin ( )5. -Who is he? -__________. A. He is a doctor. B. He is fine. C. He is my brother. ( )6. -_______is your mother? -She is a nurse. A. How B.What C.Who ( )7.This is ______picture. 答案C B C C A A. me B.mine ( )8.Goodbye,______. A. Teacher Wang B. Wang Teacher C. Mrs. Wang ( )9. -What ______your father? -He _____a doctor. A. is , is B. are , is C. is , are ( )10.-______is he ? -______my brother. A. What , He’s B. Who , His C. Who , He’s ( )11. Let’s ___the picture, Pat. A. look B. to look at C. have a look at ( )12. Peter has _______English friend. He’s _______and helpful. A. an , polite B. an , politely C. a , politely ( )13. The girls are _______, They’re from______. A. Americans , America B. Americans , American 答案C c B A C. America , Americans 答案B C ( )14.-Is this your mother? -Yes, ________. A. she aren’t B. she is C. it isn’t ( )15. We are _______ China. A. at B. of C. from 二.用am , is , are 填空. am is 1. I _____Kate, He ____ my brother. is 2. –What____your name? am I___Sandy. 3.-You _____Jim, right? -Yes , I _____. are am 4.-_____you Miss Gao? .are 5. My name _____ Tang lin. Who is _____ she? is are 6. My father ______a doctor. are 7. They _____ my friends. is 8.How _____ your brother? are 9. We ______ classmates. is 10. It ______a photo of my family. 三. 补全对话. A

Good afternoon. B

Good afternoon, what’s your _______? A

I’m Tom, _______Ann, right? B

Yes , I am . A

_______ are you ? B

I’m ______, _______you , and you ? Name you’re how thank A

I’m ok . fine 1.are you I am 四. 按要求改写句子. about 1. I am Kitty. (变一般疑问句并作肯定回答) 3.what is your -_____ _____, Kitty? -Yes, _____ _____ uncle 2. I’m fine. (对划线部分提问) ______ 4. what is this ______you ? 5.who 3. My uncle is a policeman. (同上) is she ________________? 4. This is a photo. (同上) ________________? 5. She is my English teacher.(同上) _________________? 1.he 五. 请用适当的人称代词填空. he 2.she she 1. –Who is ______? -_____ is my I English teacher , Mr Zhang. it 2.-Is _____your sister? -Yes, ______is. 5.she 3.-Are ______a doctor? - Yes,_______am. 4.-Is ______a dog? -No, ______ is not. 5.-Is Kate a teacher? -No, ______is a doctor. 6.-What is that? -______is a photo of her family. It is tom’s dog. 六.翻译. 1. 这是Tom 的狗. They are brothers. I have a photo of my family. 2. 他们是兄弟. 3. 我有一张全家福照片. 4.你婶婶是干什么的? What is your aunt? Are you classmates? 5. 你们是同班同学吗? 七. 按要求写出相应的单词. 1.short 2.small 1. tall (反义词) 3.we’re 2. big (反义词) 4.aren’t 3. we are (缩略形式) 4. are not (缩略形式) 6.isn’t (第三人称单数) 7.two 6. is not(缩略形式) 7. too (同音词) 9.young 8. I (宾格) 10.they 9. old (反义词) 10.them(主格) 八. 用括号中所给次的正确形式填 1.sister 空. 1. Lucy is Lily’s ______(sister) 3.are 2. Andy ______(be) my cousin. 4.have 5.helpful 3. We _______(be) good friends . 4. I _______(have) a photo of Millie. 5. Mary is polite and _______(help).


Nice to Meet You On a sunny day , Turtle is waiting for the bus. Hello,I’m turtle. Nice to meet you. Hi,I’m Snail. Then they are both waiting. Nice to meet you! Hello,I’m Caterpillar. Now,the three of them are waiting. Hi,I’m Ant. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too! Hello,everybody! Hello,Elepha nt. Can you spell Can you spell ,please? please? snail ant turtle caterpill Can you spell ar Can you spelll ,please? ,please? ? I. Match the words and the pictures.(连线) Caterpillar snail ant turtle elephant ? II. According the story order the pictures.( 为下列图片排序) _____ _____ ____ ____ _____ III. Choose the best answer? (选择最佳答案) 1. What is the story’s name?________ A. Good morning. B. Goodbye. C. Nice to meet you. 2.What are the animals doing?_________ A. Washing B. Waiting C. Watching 3. Can you spell please? ________ A. s-n-a-k-e. B. s-n-a-i-l. C. s-n-ac-k . 4. Can you spell please? ________ A. c-a-t . B. p-i-l-l-a-r. C. c-a-t-e-r-p-il-l-a-r. 5. Can you spell please? _______ A. t-e-n B. b-e-n . C. a-n-t. 6. Can you spell please? ________ A.p-u-r-p-l-e B. s-p-e-l-l C. t-u-r-t-l-e 7.What is the bus? __________ A. It’s an ant. B. It’s a turtle. C. It's an elephant


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